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Royston Scaffolding Provides Unique Service To Emirates Stadium (despite Being Spurs Fans!)

Royston Scaffolding Ltd recently provided specialist confined-space scaffolding work for EOn and the Emirates Stadium.

The 60,000 seater stadium home to Arsenal Football Club, needed a unique scaffolding construction in an enclosed area underneath the stadium that would enable engineers to gain access to various points that powered certain areas such as the changing rooms.

Confined-space scaffolding projects have specific requirements and need to follow a strict installation process to meet high safety regulations. Since becoming qualified in confined-space scaffolding over three years ago Royston Scaffolding Ltd have seen growth in a number of these unique projects.

And, despite Elliott McGrath being a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur fan he was still eager to meet the demand.

Elliott McGrath, Managing Director, said “While we of course were always going to take the project on, we did take an extra second to think about it! Since moving into confined-space scaffolding though we have been able to diversify our services as well as increase our extensive scaffolding knowledge.”

Elliott added however, “What we didn’t take into account was that the work began the day after the north London derby where Spurs lost 4-2! Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds!”.

Elliott went further to add that fans of the “other” North London club can rest-assured they did not tamper with anything.