SMART Scaffolder is the industry’s leading professional software solution. SMART Scaffolder was developed by CADS, a world leading engineering software company, SMART Scaffolder is fully supported and maintained with regular updates. SMART Scaffolder acted as the NASC’s technical consultants for TG20:13 and that expertise and our engineering heritage is built into the software.

SMART Scaffolder is used by the team here at Royston Scaffolding not only to help ensure we maintain our streamlined and smooth quotation process but also provides the customer assurance that there are no hidden further costs due to mistakes commonly made by many companies who still manually quote on work. 

Our SMART Handover app means that you can always track your scaffolds from the time the digital handover form is signed until they are decommissioned. With photos and signatures captured digitally you’ll have the proof you need so you never miss charging for any extra hire.

  • Record all handovers on your mobile
  • Automatically tracks scaffolds in extra hire
  • Record the customer’s signature when they request a non-compliant scaffold
  • Simple app that works on Apple and Android devices plus a desktop browser to create reports
  • Automatically uploads a record of each handover to the cloud
  • Diary functionality to record and photograph any events against a scaffold
  • Partial handovers and decommissions possible
  • Instantly send handover certificates to your customers
  • No more lost paperwork and save on rekeying
  • Functions both online and offline
  • Captures customer signatures on site using your device
  • Desktop console to create reports

MART Inspector makes scheduling, conducting and reporting on scaffold inspections simple and efficient with an Apple or Android phone or tablet. No more paper as each inspection report can be automatically emailed to the contractor. SMART Inspector has been designed to work seamlessly with SMART Handovers with the two apps sharing the same management desktop console. Very little set up is needed so you’ll be able to get going straight away.

No more paperwork

A step by step process to record your inspection, capture the customer’s signature on your device and automatically schedule the inspection report to be emailed to your customer. This means you save time and money as there’s no need to rekey or scan the information when you get back to the office. No more lost paperwork and you’ll have a complete audit trail designed to comply with legislation should you ever need to prove your inspection history!

Simple desktop console

The desktop console gives you the option to set up new customers and sites via your computer, making it quick and easy to add new projects. You can see at a glance what scaffolds are on hire and plan the weekly inspections in advance. There are a range of reports that you can run and download: a detailed inspection report, an inspection summary, check the inspection status of all standing scaffolds, view the inspection history of one your scaffolds or produce an unsafe scaffold report for a particular site. If you have SMART Estimator you also have the option to import customer and site addresses as well as scaffold details so there’s no need to rekey them.

Simple to use on site

The app guides you through a step by step process to ensure a consistent approach. You can set up new sites and scaffolds from your mobile device and even add photographs of any defects! Should you not have any signal or wifi the device will store the information and synch up when you’re next connected. There’s also a useful diary feature that lets you add notes and photographs to a scaffold just in case you need evidence in the future. If necessary the app will run on intrinsically safe devices and photographs can be disabled on sensitive sites.

Quickly find your scaffold

Once on site you can very quickly find the scaffold you want to inspect – either from a drop down list or you can simply scan a QR code.

Schedule reports to your contractors

SMART Inspector has been specifically designed to meet contractor’s needs and meet current legislation. You choose what reports are sent out: a daily detailed inspection report, a daily inspection summary and/or a weekly inspection status report.