Scaffolding Letchworth – Information On Scaffolding Stability

Scaffolding Letchworth wide needs to be conducted to the highest levels of safety standards. This goes without saying, but it is something a lot of people take for granted. When choosing a scaffolding firm, many people just assume that they are going to be safe. However, accidents do happen, and there are a number of scaffolds in the UK that collapse every year.

Stability is one of the main areas of concern for Cambridge scaffolding businesses. Needless to say, if a scaffold is not stable, disaster can strike. There are a number of steps that the best scaffolding firms will take to ensure that their scaffolds are one hundred per cent stable and will not collapse. This includes making sure that they do not overload the scaffold with equipment, particularly fittings and tubes. If you have too much equipment on the scaffold while you are erecting it or dismantling, you can cause it to buckle. Scaffolders will also make sure they use more ties when it comes to netted or sheeted scaffolding to guarantee stability. Scaffolding Hertfordshire based firms make sure that scaffold ties or anchors are not removed too early during the dismantling phase. They will also ensure that the anchors they select are suitable for the base material and that they are installed correctly. If a scaffolder does not do any of the above, it can seriously compromise the stability of the scaffold, which could cause it to collapse. This can cause fatal accidents, especially if the scaffold is built to a very high height.

This highlights the importance of choosing a company with care when you are looking for a business to provide you with scaffolding Letchworth way. You need to assess their experience and reputation to be sure that they always operate with the highest safety standards in mind. One business that will never disappoint is Royston Scaffolding. Discover more at