Scaffolding In Watford – An Introductory Guide

Scaffolding in Watford is something that is required for a wide assortment of jobs, from construction projects to domestic work. However, until the day comes when you actually require a scaffolder, it is unlikely that this is something you have given much thought. That is why we have put together this guide together.

In simple terms, Cambridge scaffolding firms are required when individuals need to reach the higher levels of buildings during renovation projects, cleaning, construction and such like. A scaffolder has a number of different duties they need to carry out every day. This includes unloading scaffolding equipment at the site, as well as setting base plates on the ground at frequent intervals. Base plates are designed to make sure the upright poles do not slip. Scaffolders then have to put up these poles, which are also referred to as standards, and they will use coupling joints to attach ledgers, i.e. horizontal tubes. They also ensure the structure is stable by using tie tubes to fix the scaffolding to the building. After this, they lay battens (planks) for the workers to walk on. Their job also involves fitting safety netting and guardrails, as well as taking the scaffolding down once a job is complete. Professional scaffolders at scaffolding Hertfordshire firms need to have their Part 1 and Part 2 in CISRS. CISRS stands for the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme. The card received once the two courses are complete show that an individual has the experience and training necessary to perform the scaffolding duties mentioned above.

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