Scaffolding Hertfordshire - A Guide To Sourcing The Right Equipment For Your Project

Scaffolding Hertfordshire needed for a small-scale project at your residence? Maybe it’s a larger project you have in mind, such as a commercial or industrial building? Whatever your scaffolding requirements, a competitive quote won’t be your only consideration. What you need is a firm that offers fully trained staff. You want peace of mind, knowing that the individuals erecting the Cambridge scaffolding are fully up-to-speed with health and safety legislation and procedures. And, you’ll certainly want the right equipment for the job in hand. Only that way can you be sure your project will be delivered to the required standard, on time and to budget.

How To Find The Best Hertfordshire Or Cambridge Scaffolding Company

Whether you are looking for scaffolding in Hertfordshire, Cambridge or elsewhere in the UK, your priorities will be the same. You will be looking for a company that will provide the correct equipment, on time and within your budget. You will also want the highest standards in terms of safety. No one expects you, as the householder or project manager on a commercial project, to know all the ins and outs of scaffolding Hertfordshire wide. However, you are ultimately jointly responsible with the firm you choose for the health and safety of those on and around the site. This means that from the outset, the burden of choosing a firm which is properly competent and experienced is on you. The first thing that should be on your checklist when searching for Cambridge scaffold companies and scaffolding companies Hertfordshire or elsewhere is that their staff have undergone accredited training in the provision, erection, and use of this equipment. More than that, they must be fully aware of and adhere to their responsibilities under health and safety legislation. Scaffolding is dangerous equipment and those working on it are more liable to fall victim to accidents than in any other area in the construction industry. You, therefore, need to check your proposed service provider’s compliance with both legal responsibilities and recommended best practice in the field before you go any further. Make sure you hire contractors who are accredited by national bodies such as the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (‘CHAS’); or audited for compliance by the Scaffolding Association, for instance.

Checking The Reputation Of Scaffolding Companies In Hertfordshire Or Beyond

Starting your search for scaffolding companies in Hertfordshire online is often a good idea if you don’t know where to begin. The best firms will have a comprehensive website that lists the ways in which they adhere to the relevant regulations and gives indications of the qualifications and accreditations held by the company and their staff. You will also often be able to judge whether each company is a good fit for your project. Do they have past experience in the type of building that needs work? The demands of a domestic roofing project are likely to be very different from a large-scale restoration project on a historic building, for instance. Look for examples of similar Hertfordshire scaffolding undertakings in each company’s online portfolio. However, the very best recommendation a firm can have comes from word of mouth. If you can, speak to former and existing clients of the company in question. Ask them how the project was managed. Was the right equipment delivered to schedule? Was health and safety a priority, and were routine safety inspections carried out? Were any issues addressed promptly and efficiently? Were the company’s staff polite, competent, and tidy in their work? Finally, it’s time to ask for a quotation for your project and you can tell a lot by the way the firm handles this. Do they speak knowledgeably about their industry and your project, and advise you effectively on what will be required? One company with the highest standards and a great reputation for delivering results on time and to budget is Royston Scaffolding.

Pick The Best In Scaffolding Hertfordshire Companies – Choose Royston Scaffolding

Here at Royston Scaffolding, we have an impressive client list with commissions that span every type of project, from domestic through to restoration, with work carried out on commercial and industrial buildings too. We take steps to ensure all our workers are fully trained and hold up-to-date qualifications, not only in scaffolding Hertfordshire based and beyond, but in health and safety legislation too, for your peace of mind. For your free estimate, whether for works in Hertfordshire, Essex or Bedfordshire or Cambridge scaffolding, get in touch with us through our website, Alternatively, phone us on 01223 636 839 or 0208 003 3239.