Royston Scaffolding – Scaffolding In Public Areas

Royston scaffolding may be something you are looking into at present for a whole host of reasons. If you need a scaffold erected in a public area, you need to be especially cautious regarding the scaffolding firm you choose. Safety is of paramount importance for any scaffolding job, but particularly when it concerns public areas.

There are a number of regulations that scaffolding Hertfordshire based companies need to follow to ensure they are operating in a safe manner. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the steps they must take to ensure the protection of the public. This includes that, while operations are being carried out, the Cambridge scaffolding firm must obtain a temporary street or pavement closure. They should also make sure that all work is carried out during ‘quiet’ hours – this means at weekends, at night, or early in the morning. Aside from this, scaffolders should never lower or raise materials over members of the public, or any other workers on-site for that matter. They must also make sure that loose materials, such as scaffold clips, are stored safely on the scaffold. There must also be signs and barriers that are erected to divert the public away from the operations. Finally, tunnels, crash decks, and fans need to be incorporated into the scaffold as early as possible. All of this highlights why it is so important to choose an experienced and reputable scaffolding firm.

If you need Royston scaffolding, you are in luck, as our firm is based in Royston and we provide our services for all of the surrounding areas. No matter whether you need scaffolding in a public area or not, you can be confident that Royston Scaffolding has the capability to deliver. After all, we have been providing our expert services since 1985. Discover more at: