Central Scaffolding Cambridge – A Guide To Tube And Fitting Scaffolding

Central scaffolding Cambridge area is a service provided by a number of firms. However, not all firms operate in the same way, as there are a number of different scaffolding systems and techniques that are used. In this post, we are going to take a look at tube and fitting scaffolding in particular.

Tube and fitting scaffolding, which is also known as tube and clamp scaffold, is the traditional choice. This type of Cambridge scaffolding has been used for years and years, and while some firms have moved onto more modern methods, a lot have chosen to stick with tube and fitting scaffolding because it offers many benefits. When it comes to this type of Cambridge scaffold, the following is used – scaffolding fittings, couples, and clamps, as well as scaffolding tubes and battens. The way in which this type of scaffolding system is constructed is rather different to the any form of modular scaffolding. This is because clamps and couplers are used to attach the various fittings and tubes together. This results in a ready-made, prefabricated frame, which is then braced up so that rigid stability is ensured. This approach is still used by a lot of scaffolding firms today. While it can be a bit more time and labour intensive, this is not a hurdle for the experienced and efficient scaffolding firms. You simply need to make sure you find a business that has plenty of experience, so you know that they have provided this type of scaffolding many, many times before.

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