Cambridge Scaffolding - A Guide To Hiring Scaffolding For Your Home Project

Cambridge scaffolding is often necessary for domestic projects needing to be carried out at heights. If you have never been obliged to use scaffolding before, you may be at a loss as to where to start. This article seeks to lay out some of the critical considerations and why specialised equipment may be needed for working at height on your property. It explains why scaffolding comes at a cost – but why that is very much an essential one. And finally, we give some guidance on the importance of finding the best supplier for your requirements.

What Is Scaffolding And When Must Cambridge Scaffold Be Used?

Everyone has seen Cambridge scaffold around and about the city, but you probably didn’t give it a moment’s thought, unless it intruded on a pavement on which you were walking. Broadly speaking, it is a temporary structure constructed of steel poles that can be flexibly put together to provide access for tradesmen to carry out their work at heights within and around buildings. The steel pole structure will incorporate ladders and walking boards, as well as safety measures such as guardrails and toe boards where necessary, to help protect workers against falls from height. Scaffolding companies in Cambridge can also provide specialist solutions for working in tight or difficult to access spaces such as narrow alleys or over a gap that needs to be bridged, such as a conservatory or walkway. But why use scaffolding when a ladder might do the job? There are no hard and fast rules about when scaffolding must be used. However, a ladder is only an appropriate access solution if the task in hand is both expected to last for a short period and is low risk – where the work is taking place at relatively low heights, for example. Longer jobs at anything above the ground floor of a property are better done from a scaffold.

How To Assess What You Need In Terms Of Cambridge Scaffold For Your Project

There is no doubt that hiring Cambridge scaffold can be expensive, and it’s a cost you might resent. You can expect to lay out hundreds of pounds, and that’s even before you pay for materials and the actual work carried out. However, it is important to remember that working at height is one of the most dangerous aspects of the building industry. Safety of access to higher vantage points is, therefore, of paramount importance and you should expect this to be reflected in the cost. It’s always worth taking your Cambridge scaffolding contractor’s advice seriously when they recommend what is needed for the job in hand. As a guide, for instance, for a roofing job on a semi-detached house, you will need full scaffolding erected on all three clear sides of the building. If the work is restricted to a chimney, though, scaffolding may only be necessary on one side, with all four sides of the chimney stack wrapped. Scaffolding for repair of guttering may be possible with a single, moveable tower. The best way to ensure competitive costs is to secure at least three quotes from specialist, reliable scaffolding hire Cambridge companies, and then compare and contrast them. Skimping on budget in this area is dangerous and can cost more in the longer term.

What Determines The Cost Of Hiring Scaffolding Hertfordshire And Beyond?

So what other factors affect the price you pay for the scaffolding Hertfordshire required for your project? Well, the length of time the equipment is needed will obviously have an impact. You may be asked to pay a fixed sum for a block of time (often six to eight weeks) initially, and then additional rental by the week if the work goes over this period. Ask your building contractor how long he anticipates the work will take to help you budget for this. The height of scaffolding in Hertfordshire, or indeed anywhere else, needed for the job will also play a part, with greater costs the higher the platform required. If multiple walkways are needed, for example, if the whole house is being repointed, then this adds to the expense. Equally, complications such as bridging a conservatory or driveway will require more specialist equipment and manpower, and will cost more. You may also have to apply and pay a sum to your local council for a special licence if the scaffolding will impede public access to the road or pavement. It’s your Cambridge scaffolding company’s responsibility to secure this licence, but yours to make sure it’s in place before work commences. If access to erect the scaffolding around the property is restricted in any way, you may be charged more for this too.

Making Sure Scaffolding Hertfordshire Wide Is Safe

So now you have an idea of what scaffolding Hertfordshire might be required. As you might expect, though, the responsibilities do not end there. For the entire duration of the period within which the scaffolding is on site, it must be checked to ensure it remains safe to use. This should normally be done as soon as the equipment is erected and before it is used by workmen. Thereafter, it is a legal requirement for it to be inspected at least every seven days; as well as after any bout of bad weather such as high winds. These checks must be made by a suitably qualified and experienced person. All of the above emphasises the high importance that is placed on ensuring the scaffolding you hire is safe for those who work on it; and for those who come into contact with it, whether that is others on site or members of the public. So in conclusion, you are well advised to seek out responsible and reputable scaffolding companies in Hertfordshire or beyond, with experience, expertise, and a great track record in working on similar projects. That way, many of the risks are reduced, and the burden on you as the client decreases. One company that promises to help your project run smoothly and safely is Royston Scaffolding.

Using Royston Scaffolding To Source Cambridge Scaffolding Could Be Your Best Move

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