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Protecting The Public When Erecting And Using Scaffolding Hertfordshire Wide

When it comes to using scaffolding Hertfordshire wide and indeed anywhere else in the country, the risks are widespread. In fact, recent research shows that operatives working on scaffold structures are more likely to suffer accidents than any other type of construction worker. However, the risks are not limited to those erecting the scaffolding and carrying out the work on the building or structure in question.

They also encompass others working in the vicinity and the public in general. Importantly, safety legislation involving the erection, maintenance, use and dismantling of scaffolding makes it clear that the responsibilities for safe working lie not only with those working within the scaffolding industry. Clients, principal contractors and site supervisors all bear a degree of accountability for ensuring that both workers on site and the public in general are kept safe around scaffolding structures. This begins at the earliest stages of the project when the building work is still being planned. Taking proper precautions and steps to minimise risk at this stage will ensure a better chance of carrying out a safe and successful project throughout. So how can scaffolding companies in Hertfordshire, clients and others on site ensure that the public is kept safe from harm? From the outset, it is vital to exclude unauthorised persons from the immediate area where work is being carried out, and within a sufficient surrounding area. This is perhaps easier on a closed building development; harder to achieve when the scaffolding is being used on an existing building on a street. In the latter scenario, the correct course of action is to apply for a temporary street or pavement closure for the duration of the work being carried out.

It is, of course, critical to ensure that scaffolding is properly signposted, so that everyone in the vicinity is in no doubt about the risks involved. This involves erecting signage and barriers where necessary to divert the public away from the operation site. Remember that any such diversions must take into account the needs of disabled people and allow them proper access out of harm’s way. It might also be desirable to plan with scaffolding companies Hertfordshire and beyond to ensure that works are carried out when foot traffic in the area is at a minimum. This might include evening, weekend or early morning working. In terms of the scaffolding itself, this must be properly planned to mitigate risks of debris falling on passers-by below. This includes the early installation of fans, which are large netting structures extending out from the building; and tunnels, enclosed rubbish chutes for diverting waste material and rubble directly into a skip below, for instance. And finally, in terms of minimum precautions to be taken, loose materials such as scaffolding clips must be stored safely while the scaffolding Hertfordshire erection is in position.

Checking that such safety measures are adequately catered for when selecting a scaffolding Hertfordshire based company to work with will help clients, site supervisors and principal contractors to fulfil their health and safety responsibilities. Always select an experienced scaffolding firm and ask about their health and safety record for peace of mind.